6/2/2018    Indiana Classic    Yankeetown Arena (Henryville, IN)   
#12 Exclusive   
1 $1,710 43.05 on 4 Joshua Lanning (Howell, MI) Brock Middleton (Colquitt, GA)
2 47.37 on 4 Matt Beachy (Millersburg, OH) Mervin Beachy (Millersburg, OH)
3 61.48 on 4 Matt Beachy (Millersburg, OH) Shane Rickly (Amanda, OH)
4 31.8 on 3 Jeff Hartfield (Charlestown, IN) Brock Middleton (Colquitt, GA)
5 7.65 on 1 Shane Rickly (Amanda, OH) Mervin Beachy (Millersburg, OH)
6 15.73 on 1 Karl Stressman (Cave Creek, AZ) Brock Middleton (Colquitt, GA)
Overall FT
1 $90 6.38 on  Jeff Hartfield (Charlestown, IN) Brock Middleton (Colquitt, GA)

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