4/12/2019    USTRC- North Carolina Championships    H & H Arena (Taylorsville, NC)   
Vicki Kidd Tucker All Girl   
1 $2,090 30.31 on 3 Michelle Hargus (Granite Falls, NC) Mattie Colvard (Crumpler, NC)
2 $1,390 23.45 on 2 Emme A Colvard (Crumpler, NC) Christi Sink (Lexington, NC)
3 23.67 on 2 Jamie Peele (Gray Court, SC) Crystal Bishop (Gaffney, SC)
4 31.69 on 2 Sydney Ball (Max Meadows, VA) Sally Ball (Max Meadows, VA)
5 37.02 on 2 Kim Snow (Hamptonville, NC) Mattie Colvard (Crumpler, NC)
6 6.7 on 1 Jamie Peele (Gray Court, SC) Janna Carlton (Mocksville, NC)
7 8.59 on 1 Michelle Hargus (Granite Falls, NC) Crystal Bishop (Gaffney, SC)
8 9.53 on 1 Sydney Ball (Max Meadows, VA) Gina Compton (Mount Ulla, NC)
9 11.92 on 1 Kim Snow (Hamptonville, NC) Janna Carlton (Mocksville, NC)
10 12.06 on 1 Emme A Colvard (Crumpler, NC) Kaci Isley (Reidsville, NC)
Overall FT
1 $180 9.7 on  Jamie Peele (Gray Court, SC) Janna Carlton (Mocksville, NC)

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