7/26/2019    USTRC- San Antonio National Finals Qualifier    The San Antonio Rose Palace CRX4 LLC (San Antonio, TX)   
#7.5 Handicap   
1 $2,810 32.43 on 3 Kadin Babb (Lovington, NM) Brandon Williams (Jourdantion, TX)
2 $2,110 32.46 on 3 Kade Schoepf (Llano, TX) Ronnie Schoepf (Llano, TX)
3 $1,410 37.72 on 3 Tommy Marbach (Victoria, TX) Levi Marbach (Victoria, TX)
4 $700 44.69 on 3 Brylea Foegelle (Rosanky, TX) Cade Sandstrom (Comfort, TX)
Overall FT
1 $370 8.26 on  Kadin Babb (Lovington, NM) Brandon Williams (Jourdantion, TX)

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