Resistol Jr Champion

2022-2023 Resistol Junior Champion Standings


1*Aiden Perrett (Luverne, AL)83
2*Walker Guy (Waynesville, NC)82
3*Weston Baucom (Carthage, NC)34
4*Houston Childers (Fairmount, GA)30
5*Teigan Orr (Lebanon, TN)28
6*Cooper Stone (Kingston, GA)27
6*Shayla Hurst (Morristown, TN)27
8*Dylan Breitsprecher (Tomah, WI)26
9*Brody Jackson (Hermleigh, TX)22
10*Cole LeMaster (Gaffney, SC)20
11*Garrett Freeman (Cooper, TX)19
11*Ivy Bone (Calhoun, GA)19
11*Eusebio Enriquez (Payson, CO)19
11*Jade Mitchell (Weatherford, TX)19
15*Brayden Hazle (Penrose, CO)18
16*Shawnee L Murphy (Melrose, IA)17
16*Hudson Smith (Hamlin, TX)17
18*Pecos Patton (Shallowater, TX)16
18*Laci Murrary (Belews Creek, NC)16
18*Audrey Snyder (Odessa, TX)16


1*Houston Childers (Fairmount, GA)64
2*Brit Smith (Mcdavid, FL)56
3*Kelby Frizzell (Sterling City, TX)46
4*Dean Sherbo (Acampo, CA)40
5*Trigger Hargrove (Gracemont, OK)38
6*Lucas Koehn (Macon, MS)30
7*Landon Lee (Four Oaks, NC)29
7*Justin Spenrath (Comfort, TX)29
9*Hayden Sanders (Ovalo, TX)27
10*John Nolen Gohagan (Opp, AL)21
11*Luke Denney (Carrollton, GA)19
11*Cameron Capshaw (Calhan, CO)19
11*Levi Baker (Culleoka, TN)19
14*Dubb Ramone (Thoreau, NM)18
14*Wesson Parker (Marlow, OK)18
16*Misael Hernandez (Rocksprings, TX)16
16*Dylan Breitsprecher (Tomah, WI)16
18*Hazen Suit (Ames, OK)14
19*Bryce Teut (Lincoln, NE)13
19*Gregory Mitchell (Adairsville, GA)13

* Roper must enter at least one Shootout division at the NFTR.

Rules & Regulations

Current USTRC or Key Card/Key Card Max membership is required to participate in the Resistol Junior Champion Program. Earned points begin counting at time of membership purchase thru the NFTR's last shootout event. The season begins the Monday after the last USTRC NFTR event and ends the last day of the next USTRC NFTR event.

Ropers must enter at least one Shootout division in the USTRC NFTR to be eligible. The award will be announced at the end of the USTRC National Finals of Team Roping event.

The points breakdowns are as follows: Starting with At Home Challenge Events, ropers will earn 10 points if they win the Challenge. No other points will be awarded. At Signature Events, points will be awarded to those winning an aggregate check. It starts at First Place with 10 points, Second = 9 points, and so on as far down as the ropings are paid. During the Cinch NFTR, the placing points are simply doubled. First Place will be 20, second = 18, and so on.