United States Team Roping Championships

USTRC was born in 1990 in an effort to promote the sport of team roping, ensure fairness of competition, and provide a platform where ropers of all ability levels could enjoy the sport. This effort would culminate every October in a true National Finals of Team Roping.

Since those early years team roping has become the single largest performance equine group in world, surpassing all other disciplines combined. Over 200,000 team ropers are handicapped world wide, producing over $70 million in purses to recreational contestants each year. USTRC is the mother organization that created the modern team roping industry.

USTRC Membership Benefit Comparison

Memberhsip Required

A current USTRC membership is required to collect winnings at USTRC events and must be purchased prior to roping. 2024 USTRC Membership is available for purchase October 1, 2023 and is valid after purchase through December 31, 2024. Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing.

USTRC Membership Form

Global Handicaps Observed

Since 2020, the USTRC has been powered by Global Handicaps and Global Handicap membership is required. However, with the purchase of your current USTRC, WSTR, or Key Card membership, your current Global Handicap membership is complimentary. If you already have a Global Handicap card the USTRC Membership is not discounted. For more information and to register, visit Memberships.

The Key Card

The Key Card is the premier membership accepted at BOTH USTRC and WSTR events. 2024 Key Card Membership is available as of October 1, 2023 and is valid after purchase through December 31, 2024. The Key Card offers superior savings and is the best option if you plan to rope at both USTRC and WSTR events this season.

Spend More, Earn More. Every $1,000 in entry fees SPENT at USTRC events during the current season earns a $100 USTRC NFTR pre-entry discount.*

Win More, Earn More. 1ST THROUGH 3RD Place Winners at any USTRC SIGNATURE EVENT earns a guaranteed $100 USTRC NFTR pre-entry discount.*

Double Down with the WSTR Every $1,000 WON at USTRC SIGNATURE EVENTS & WSTR QUALIFICATION EVENTS earns a $100 USTRC NFTR pre-entry discount.*

More Options in Las Vegas Legacy members can get MULTIPLE $250 FINALE DISCOUNTS with the Key Card and WSTR Finale Qualification spots become GENERIC.

*All Key Card discounts and savings are assuming timelines are met.

Key Card Membership Form

5 Ways to Join the USTRC

1. Online: Login at to re-new or purchase your membership online.

2. On-Site: Renew your membership at any USTRC Signature Series or NFTR Earnings event. For a roping near you check out the complete USTRC Schedule of Events.

3. By Phone: Call the USTRC office at (505) 899-1870. You can pay with a credit card over the phone.

4. By Fax: Download our membership form and indicate CC payment at the bottom and fax to the USTRC office at (505) 792-3143.

5. By Mail: Download our membership form and send a personal check or money order or cc payment option and remit to our home office: USTRC 7500 Alamo Rd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120

*A service fee of 3% for Visa/Mastercard, 4% for AMEX, is added to all credit card purchases.


Standard Card

USTRC Membership Form

Key Card

Key Card Membership Form