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The United States Team Roping Championships welcomes Lawley's as the new official horse feed supplement for the 2022-2023 season. The Stockton, California based company has been family owned and operated since 1985 with a primary focus on the dairy and calf supplement industry, as well as, producing a product line specifically designed for equine athletes such as rope horses, barrel horses, race horses, and show horses.


"My grandfather was always a creator and inventor." Said Casey Lawley, CEO and grandson of Lawley's founder. "He had a long history of inventions that were used by other companies as well as a background in nutrition with Mormon's feed. In the mid-eighties he decided it was time to build a business for his family. Lawley's was born and his primary focus back then was nutritional products for baby calves."


Over time the Lawley's brand of products branched into the beef cattle and dairy heifer markets while maintaining their strong base in the calf health and nutrition business. Mr. Lawley's passion and concerns were always on animals whose health and wellness posed somewhat of a challenge. As an avid horse lover and owner of race horses,  Lawley's eventually developed an equine formula that has grown 100% organically through word of mouth and trainer to trainer testimonials over the years.


"Our horse formulas have been growing on their own with very little if any marketing at all. Our customers and the health and demeanor of their horses was great advertising for us. Now, with the growth of the performance horse market plus the increased price of horses, people are wanting to make sure they take even better care of their animals than they ever did before and we (Lawley's) want to be there to help them get the best looking and acting horse possible." Said Casey.


With the profound growth seen in the horse market over the last decade, Lawley's has expanded manufacturing by adding a new plant in Plainview, Texas. Along with being a more nationally centralized hub, this new facility was also strategically placed to logistically serve the huge performance horse markets in Texas and the surrounding states.


Lawley's currently has three equine products: Racing Formula, Nutrients Plus, and Sport Formula with each formula tied to the specific needs of the equine athletes. The Racing formula is geared, as the name implies, to race horses and horses that are heavily scrutinized for performance enhancing substances and this formula is proven to help reduce and control EIPH. The Nutrients Plus formula is designed for horses with a higher stress load and may suffer from ulcers and other stress related issues. The Sport Formula is the original and is designed for the vast majority of all horses and has proven time and time again to incur much faster and healthier cellular, muscular, bodily health, and coat recovery in performance horses.


The magic behind Lawley's equine blend is that it, in very basic terms, enhances the feed and hay that goes into your horse and creates the ideal stomach and gut environment for healthy bacteria proliferation and to better break down and ultimately make it easier for the horse's body to absorb and use those nutrients. Lawley's helps the inside of your horse by increasing positive and healthy bacteria, increased GI tract health, and by boosting a horse's immune response. All of this happens with a simple small scoop of Lawley's on top of your horse's current feed regime.


The USTRC is proud to partner with family owned and operated businesses that share a passion for livestock and our horses' wellbeing. Lawley's products can be found in local farm and ranch stores in some areas or USTRC ropers can order directly online by visiting


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