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For 21 & Under Ropers - Discount Deadline extended for 2024 Cinch NFTR!

Attention USTRC 21 and under ropers, we are in the final countdown to the Finals!  For those of you who are working to get your 10 entries and still take advantage of discounts we have extended the Key Card/Max on-line discount deadline for 21U ropers to close at 2pm CST ONLINE at no later than the day before each scheduled event. Refer to the list below for the 10 entry eligible events. Remember, all walk-up entries at Fort Worth will be full price regardless of your circumstance.

What if I don't get the 10 entries?  If you are 21 and under and you don't meet the 10 entry requirement, you may be allowed to enter on-site and compete at a higher classification. We will have a USTRC representative available to discuss this opportunity with you in the entry office.

NFTR 21 and Under 10 Entry Events That Count

Reminder- Every run counts from all USTRC, WSTR (including add-on ropings), NTRL, NTR, Patriot and ACH entries from Dec 28, 2023 - to the Finals! For example, if you entered a roping that is pick 1 draw 2, that counts as 3 entries. If you drew an extra run and roped with that partner, that counts as an entry.

Remaining Events to get your 10 entries:

Andalusia, AL - April 6-7
Carthage, MO - April 11-12
Decatur, TX - April 19-21

At Home Challenge
April 10
April 13-14
April 17

Athens, TX - April 11-13
Andrews, TX - April 11-13
Statesboro, GA - April 12-13
Albuquerque, NM - April 19-21
Salina, UT - April 19-20
Dodge City, KS - April 20-21
Tuscumbia, AL - April 20-21 (NTRL as well)

Hamilton, TX - April 6-7


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