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Thrive Equine joins the USTRC as the official equine CBD Supplement.


United States Team Roping Championships


Thrive Equine joins the USTRC as the official equine CBD Supplement.

The USTRC and Thrive Equine partner up to bring team ropers and their horses a range of high quality CBD products that offer many health and wellness benefits that help equine athletes perform consistently at the top of their game pain free.


Albuquerque, NM (October 1, 2023): The United States Team Roping Championship is excited to announce a partnership with Thrive Equine - a CBD supplement company that focuses on the maintenance and overall performance of equine athletes.


"We are horse people and active competitors." said Glenn Radford, Managing Partner at Thrive Equine. "We started this company solely for our horses and the goal from day one was to create products that were high-quality enough for people to use, but specifically designed to benefit our equine partners."


Thrive Equine currently has a simple yet powerful product lineup. Thrive products focus on three main categories: Daily Maintenance, Competition Readiness, and Recovery. Their current offering includes PrimePerform- a daily maintenance supplement, Ultimate Calm- a calming oral paste, Enerboost Spray- a performance boosting topical spray, Elite Recovery Gel-a topical poultice that delivers pain relief and soothing, and EquiEase Poultice- Thrive's ultimate recovery and rejuvenation topical.


"Early on we studied the effectiveness of the different grades of CBD and worked with Stanford University scientists to study how the products were absorbed and what the long term benefits of high grade CBD could be in our animals. Our products are made from literally the highest grade pure CBD isolate and best of all, all of the hemp is grown in Florida and the design and manufacturing all takes place here in the states." Radford said.


Thrive is a relatively new company that entered the equine CBD scene in April of 2023 and just began offering their products to the public in July. Although the company is young, they have done extensive research and testing and are proud to bring USTRC ropers a line of products that can help with everything from competition nerves to keeping the old campaigners free from the aches and pains that come with run after run.


USTRC ropers are encouraged to check out Thrive Equine products on their website. Thrive will be sending out an email to USTRC members featuring promo codes for deep discounts on the entire lineup of Thrive Equine products.



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